get started in FPGA-based audio synthesis


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eurorack-pmod is

  • 4xIN + 4xOUT, precision programmable audio channels, controlled through a PMOD interface (present on most FPGA development platforms).
  • A collection of example cores, which make it easy for you to get started building your own samplers, wavetable VCOs, filters, or whatever you can imagine.

FPGA-based synthesis?

Programming audio logic in hardware enables designs which are difficult or impossible on an ordinary MCU/DSP, for example:

  • Achieve 1-sample latency from input to output.
  • Instantiate a gate-level simulation of an old synthesis chip.
  • Large numbers of truly parallel synthesis engines (think: highly concurrent wavetable synthesis)
  • It's a fun way to learn Verilog!


  • 4HP eurorack-compatible module.
  • 8 (4 in + 4 out) DC-coupled channels with LED indicators.
  • 192KHz / 32bit sampling on all channels.
  • I/O clamps at +/- 6.5V.

project status

This module is planned for release in Q1 2023 - eurorack-pmod v2.2 is fully functional and currently undergoing beta testing. Get notified when it is available.